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20 June 2013

A ShopStyle Competition Tale!

I found out about a rather fab-sounding, right-up-my-(current)-alley competition via Hannah's blog on Tuesday and since then have been having a little think about what sort of outfit I'd like to come up with (hence the last-min entry!)

Run by Shopstyle, it's giving those who enter a chance to win £1000 by creating a festival outfit for £200 or under using items that can be found on their site (a fab go-to when you just want one place to search rather than having to trawl through site after site!).

1) Asos Smock Dress
2) Asos Parka
3) Asos Biker Boots
4) New Look Tights
5) Falke Socks
6) River Island Bag
TOTAL - £194.99
As we all know, I am a major fan of dresses, so this outfit wouldn't be complete without one! I paired this bright, floral-patterned smock number (patterned enough, hopefully, to hide the dirt) - perfect for skimming over festival-food-and-alcohol-full-bellies - with a toughened-up parka (who doesn't love a bit of leather detailing?), gorgeous black biker boots (I'm sorted for wellies, these would be for those times when I won't need them - i.e. the first day, before the mud has arrived!), black tights (staple), pink socks (to add a little frivolity!) and an across-the-body-bag for keeping any little valuables I may need on me during the day.

Let me know what you all think!


  1. Thanks for the mention.
    I love your entry that dress is gorgeous! I just added it to my 'save for later' list its so pretty.

    Good Luck!


    1. You're welcome love! And thank you, that means a lot. Glad you like it :D

      Good luck to you too!


  2. Replies
    1. Gorgeous, aren't they?! I'd snap them up in an instant if I could :D

  3. so cute! all would look so great at a festival :))

    1. Thanks love! I wish I could have it all!


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