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22 June 2013

A crazy-day tale!

Yesterday was a crazy-ridiculous kind of day. Starting with results picking-up in the morning (I got a 2:1 for my first year, very happy) we then went on to Halfords (oh, so grown-up) to buy Eric (for those of you who have just recently come on board, Eric is our motorhome) a new battery, which we did so quite easily (smug alert). We then started to make our way over to the storage unit, stopping at a little Post Office/local shop along the way to pick up some water. Back into the car (aptly named Erica) the boy popped the keys in the ignition, turned them and.....nothing happened. So he tried it again. And nothing happened again.

And so started a day of AA and garage visits, culminating in two new parts (darn vehicle). Here's the boy standing between Erica and the AA Van, whilst we were waiting for her to be fixed!

The boys cheeky face makes me giggle!
Some 6 hours after we started on our journey back we went to Eric to fit him with HIS new part (below is a short wobbly video of us at the storage unit) which the boy did successfully (thank goodness). 

We even took him for a little drive, which he happily participated in!

Look at the beautiful view!
Right - on to today! Nothing much to really fill you in on (it being 11am and all) and the day, for me, will be full of list-making and checking-off for our visit home and trip to Glasto, as well as a deep-clean of the flat (how exciting) and lots more clothes washing! 

The one thing I did want to tell you is tomorrow I am off to London to meet Chloe from Urban Tease and I am so bloody excited (I need to curtail the fangirling!). If you aren't familiar with her blog, please go check it out. Not only is she super-adorable, looks fab in everything she wears (this girl is the master of shorts, I'm telling you) but her writing is abso-bloody-lutely fantastic. She has the wisest head on young shoulders and is very much a voice of this generation. Go check her out and make sure to scroll through her back catalogue (I particularly recommend her March posts about rape culture and our media), you certainly won't be disappointed. 

Oh, and this is where help from you all would be much appreciated. Olivia very kindly offered me a big list of all the places she visits in London (we are looking to do something different - no museums/galleries, nothing too touristy) but I'd love to hear all about your favourite spots. If you have any, please make sure to leave a comment below!!

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