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20 June 2013

A Glasto-prepping OOTD tale!

So the blurry thing is still....a thing! An hilarious, but necessary, combination.
 Today I made plans to get moving along my path to Glastonbury needs, intending to go out and purchase a mac and bag (and whatever else I felt would suit) for said occasion. I had thought that, as Topshop have a sale on, I would make my way over and peruse it's goods (although I have never EVER come out of a Topshop sale in any way other than empty-handed) but ended up stopping in Hockley to have a look in it's vintage stores and charity shops. The first I wandered into was White Rose - who support the Aegis Trust (please do click through to read about their work) - and I automatically walked towards the back rails where I come across, yes you've guessed it (or rather, you haven't, but hey it was a 50/50 gamble!), a mac! It's a teeny bit big, but good for layers and to hide my bag under, and at £9.50 I couldn't really go wrong!

Having found the mac almost instantly, I decided to stay in the area and pop across the road to the Oxfam store, where, within about a minute of looking, I found a simple black, across-the-body-bag - exactly what I was searching for! So there went purchase numero-dos!

Feeling rather happy, I decided to end my search (before disaster struck!) and made my way over to M&S where I spent the money I saved NOT buying things in Topshop on food for lunch and dinner (haha, swings and roundabouts!). 

Oh and I must just mention that I used my Lush Big shampoo tester (I picked it up last night when I attended the second swap-shop the store had ever held, this time in aid of My Sight Nottingham, alongside the dress you can see above) this morning in the shower and I really like it! I used probably a little more than was needed - my, my did it create quite the lather - so I rinsed a little out after giving my hair a good old scrub, then re-shampoo'd using the product left in. When I rinsed it out properly I have to say that my hair was the squeaky-cleanest it has ever been after shampooing - I do love that feeling! Normally I would put mouse in but I went without, and dried my hair upside-down as normal (without a brush - I never use one). The result is hair that's not too voluminous but enough that it makes it feel bouncy (not sure that's the best word to use). It feels as it does when I use mousse, so that fact it can do so without an additional product can only really be a good thing!! I'm looking forward to trying it again tomorrow.


  1. loooovely outfit- I love your jacket! I'm on a hunt for one like that for Leeds- you're making me so jealous about Glasto! xx

    1. Cheers love! I feel v lucky to have found it straight away!! I am NEVER lucky like that! Oooo, I didn't know you were going to Leeds?! Have a hunt through Hockley, I'm sure you'll find something :) xx

  2. I looooove this look!
    So jealous your going hehe.
    You pull of the festival look really well - love the wellies!

    Kelly || DayDreamsDaisyChains.com

    1. That's rather lovely of you, I think it's a bit so-so! Haha, the wellies were from Sports Direct (going allllll out!). Thank you for taking the time to comment Kelly! :D


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