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2 June 2013

The tale of a dress-filled wishlist!

As a student with a meagre budget (if one could even call it that!) and without a job to re-stock funds (I'm looking, so if anyone fancies hiring me....) I find myself wishing and dreaming, more often than not, of a day that I will (being positive there!) have a wardrobe full of brand new sparkly (not literally) dresses. Yes, dresses. All kinds of dresses. Short ones. Long ones. Fancy ones. Plain ones. Frilly ones. Vintage ones. Name a dress, point one out, and it's guaranteed I'll want it. Of course, living on a budget and a having wardrobe full of beautiful things don't tend to come hand in hand (sadly) so for now I'm banished to the land of window shopping (or rather, internet perusing), where I spend the hours immersing myself in the delights of dresses from the 50's and beyond!!

I must say a thank you to Megan who suggested the idea of a wishlist knowing I was a bit stuck with what next to post (the curse of the dreaded revision-brain!). Here are some of my favourite picks found during those heartbreaking hours of scrolling through all the glorious websites filled with treats I can't have!!

1) I have spoken about my love for this dress on twitter, albeit originally in reference to the shorter, pink shade it comes in. I adore the delicate straps and the sweet lace overlay, and the unusually-structured neckline adds a little something extra to pep up its sugary sweetness

2) I am partial to a midi length (although I find them a little hard to dress in this ridiculously rollercoastery weather - more often than not it is chilly/windy/wet so flip flops/sandals won't do, but my preferred boots just wouldn't suit!) and this bold canary-esque yellow is perfect for brightening up a less-than-sunshine-y day!

3) The most expensive of the bunch - certainly way beyond any budget I've ever really had - but I had to mention it as I think this is perfect for evening and day wear alike (for the latter I'm thinking sandals and a heavenly beach to match, sigh!) and the embellishment means you don't have to go all out with accessories (therefore can warrant the expense spent on the dress!)

4) Another lace number (hmmmm, it's possible a theme may be occurring) but this time something a little flirty and fun for evening wear (and at a great price too, one that won't blow all the pennies!)

1) I came across Bonne Chance's website only recently and instantly became a fan of their sweet designs. You'll find plenty to love but this particular dress drew me in thanks to its dottiness (you know me!), almost hidden kitties (yes guys, there are kitties!) and oversized collar!

2, 3, 4) All three of these dresses come from the heavenly Ever Ours and it would seem that pale, in this instance, most definitely is interesting!! All three dresses have their own unique style - I love the lazer-cut detailing of the first dress, the unusual draping and flattering pleats of the second, and tea dresses always win me over so the third, coupled with the sweet floral detailing, was always going to be a winner in my book! I'm not sure I could pick my favourite, they're all so gosh-darn scrum!

I am, and forever will be, a complete sucker for flowers, any-which-way they come!

1) Again from Bonne Chance, and aptly named the 'Garden Party' dress, this cast its spell on me thanks to the cute combination of floral pattern, beautiful cut (I do love a full pleat!) and the contrasting insert with scalloped edging - perfect for an old-fashioned picnic in the sunshine

2) I am completely bowled over by the gorgeousness of this dress available at Topshop by Annie Greenabelle (an ethical clothing company) - the bold blue hue coupled with off-the-shoulder goodness? *swoon*

3) Another Topshop goody, this time in the form of a sundress - imagine strolling along a promenade in this bad boy with ankle socks and a parasol to boot!

4) A little more formal by no less lovely, I love the muted floral design of this New Look dress and think it would be perfect for a Summer evening out

5) Always behind when it comes to the latest trends, I am finally jumping on the pinafore bandwagon with the choice of this daisy-printed number! Perfect dressed up or dressed down, I like the contrast of cutesy print with dark background

6) How perfect would this be for Glasto?! Paired with some wellies I'd be all ready to go, whatever the weather!

7) Ok, yes, it's another pinafore dress. I've been sucked in! But can you really blame me? This ones so easy on the eye (and equally easy-on-the-wallet!)

1) This may be more than a little out of my price range but I am such a sucker for Niche's deliciousness that I couldn't forgo mentioning them altogether. This pretty concoction is decorated with cupcakes - what could be sweeter?

2) I'm always on the lookout for a red dress that has that wow factor without being too in-your-face, and I think this Asos number has just that!

3) The unusual pattern on this dress won me over. Coupled with it's bright, bold shade (for some reason it makes me think of jam?!) and midi length, I can see it easily going from day to night and gosh, there isn't much more you can ask from a dress!

4) I'm not really one for neon but done this subtly (well done Asos!) I could probably be persuaded to try it out!

5) I adore Sugarhill Boutique's collection of beautiful shades and patterns and when I came across this bright coral dress (decorated in kissing elephants!) I couldn't help but be charmed!

6) I'm not the only one to fall in love with this beautifully glamorous, old-school-Hollywood style dress (Sophie is now a proud owner!) and its no wonder - the cut, the colour, the lace? Perfection!


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous Tori!! We completely love your incredibly pretty selections!! Thank you so very much for your kind words and for including our dresses <3

    1. You are so welcome! It was hard to narrow it down - I could easily do a wishlist featuring your dresses alone :)

  2. These are all absolutely stunning!! Imagine just having access to all of these on a daily basis? ONE DAY TORI :D:D:D Lovely post babe xxx

    1. Thanks my sugar plum!! IMAGINE!! If only :) xxx

  3. I love them all!!! Dresses are my absolute favorite thing to wear and all these are so lovely!! Great finds Tori!! xoxo

    1. I had to refrain myself so many times to stop me from buying great handfuls of them!! Dresses are my favourite thing to wear too, and there are so many beautiful ones out there, I could probably make another 3 wishlists!! xx


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