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25 March 2013

Tales of Easter, no.1

I'm back home! (and back to making my room look 'lived in', i.e. as messy as I can make it!). Being the first day I don't have to wake up early - no uni, birthday, or trip home to prepare for - I of course woke early (7:30 is early when you don't need to get up, right?) and am already thinking about the day, and week, ahead. It's going to be full of visits to see the people I love, catch-ups with films I've yet to see (Looper, Ted, the final Twilight, a cinema trip to see Oz) and a few, good ol' chin wags over a cuppa or two (and cake, I'll fit in in somehow). Bliss. Today I will be spending the day with my family. I'll be popping out to pick up some bits for tonight's dins (I'm cooking a roast at Mother's request!), going to visit my auntie and then seeing my boy before he drive's home tomorrow (when I will then be seeing my bestie, yay!) It's going to be a lovely day and I can't wait for it to start. Meanwhile, I'm typing in bed (something I never do back in Notts) and debating whether or not to get up and have Jillian Michaels rip me to shreds (coz I sure as heck ain't shredded yet! And I say yet pretty loosely, coz I don't think that's going to happen!)

I plan to blog once a day from here (she says!) so I will speak to you all again very soon!
Doing my best to clutter up my shelves and not eat any of the bloody choccy eggs (none of which are mine!)

This post helped me when I was feeling a little down about everything last. All three of these women - Bella, Christina and Meg (have a click on her 'About Me' photo) - have fantastic blogs, from their layouts (they are all wordpress, hmmmm, maybe I should have looked into that a little more?!) to their photographs and, of course, their words. Oh those words. They are all wonderful, beautiful writers and just completely deserve to have their words read. So, please, have a mosey-on-over, get those specs out (why did I say that?!), grab a cuppa (that makes more sense!) and have a read. If my blog could come across even as half as well as theirs, I'd be a very happy girl indeed.


  1. Im dying to see Oz :D Sounds like you deserve this little break away dear. Keep your feet up and fingers on the keyboard <3

    1. Thank you my sweet. It's been a lovely first day back :) Having a think about tomorrow's post :D xxx


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