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26 March 2013

Tales of Easter, no. 2

Yesterday, my first full day back, was lovely. After waking up early I tried, and failed, to get some exercise in before sitting with Moom for breakfast. Then, after a bit of faffing here and there, we took a trip into a local town (I'm not sure that's the correct term but I can't be bothered to look up what constitutes a village/town/city) with my Dad, stopping in Costa for a chat before he left to go back to work. A couple of chores later, I found myself in Superdrug, with photos of some of Estee's recommendations on my phone to refer to, in the hope of purchasing myself a whole new face wardrobe! As ever, things didn't quite go to plan.

My main product hope was for a foundation and, having searched through previous posts and YouTube vids, I had decided that I would chose between Boujois' Healthy Mix Serum Foundation and Revlon's Nearly Naked with the thought that I would be able to make a more well-informed decision in person although this was, of course, was too good to be true. Not being able to do so, I went on to have a look at a few other products and thankfully came away with MUA's 'Heaven and Earth' palette as planned. Having been unable to choose a foundation, nor a mascara (my next most important item) I decided to visit Boots. However, being a small town, the size of Boots followed suit. The branch typically didn't stock Revlon, and I couldn't make my mind up about the Bourjois. Also, I was thoroughly frustrated to discover they now plastic-wrap the mascara's (I guess that's how long its been since I last bought myself one!) and not all of the wands are displayed, therefore I also walked away without a mascara. I did, however, purchase both the blush and concealer pictured below (3 for 2, Moom also made a purchase) although, without a foundation, I can't do much with them but, hey-ho, at least I tried!

Anywhoo, after meeting up with the boy for lunch, Moom and I went to see Auntie Ju, and the three of us had a right good old natter for a couple of hours. I was very kindly given my Easter gift - which you can again see below - of a new book (which I've just started and am enjoying), my bunny choc's and a muffin tin that I'm excited to put to good use! After the natter we ventured back home for me to cook the roast for the 4 of us (the boy popped over). I then settled in for the evening with some Galaxy choc and a cuppa to read the day's posts I'd missed and then to watch Broadchurch for the first time on a real-live actual TV (normally it's a catch-up on the laptop jobby!)
I then retired to my bedroom (that's my attempt at making my words seem high-brow), read a little then succumbed to sleep.

My purchases - MUA Heaven and Earth, Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba and Collection' Lasting
Perfection Concealer in Pale
The happily-received Easter gifts from Auntie Ju, alongside the Company Mag and socks Moom presented me with
yesterday when I got home :)


  1. Such cute socks!! X

    1. Haha, aren't they?! My Mum knows me so well :) X


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