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21 March 2013

You're not the only one that time has got it in for honey, that's where you're wrong

With term nearly up for Easter, it's got me thinking about times ahead (best to ignore the fact I have 2 essays to hand in, 3 weeks of lectures and 6 exams to go once I'm back after the break!) but also times gone by. This Summer will be an odd one for me. I know, realistically, I will have to look for a job although goodness where I will start (the boy has got himself a trial shift tomorrow - super proud of him - as he wants some hours during the week to keep him busy amongst other things - oh haiiii, lazy Tori!). Besides that, we will be going to Glastonbury - my first ever trip, Mike's 3rd (I think) - in little Mr Eric (you'll be introduced to him down below). Please all let's all pray for someone decent to headline (current rumours mean a disappointed Tori!). The lyrics I used may give an inkling as to who I'm hoping to see. We are then off to Scotland for a month of travelling in August. Pretty exciting stuff you'd think. And it is. But it does come tinged with a little sadness.

Right, Eric. He is the boy's (well, our) motorhome. I won't go into the story of how he's got him - because it's long-winded and I don't want to unnecessarily bore you with the details - but yes, got him he did, way back in 2007, ready for his and JS's 6 month trip around Europe (they were only 19!). Since we've been together - March 2009 - we have taken two trips in him, 2 1/2 months around Europe in 2010, and our last trip back in 2011 (how have I not been out of this country for nearly 2 years?! That time has flown by!) for another 2 months, revisiting some countries as well as visiting new ones. I've now been to 13 in total. Crazy amazing thought.

I miss travelling. I realise I'm incredibly lucky to have been able to have done it so I won't hark on about it. I'm certainly not going to moan about it (too much!) but it definitely does feel like it's been out of my life for a little too long now (hey, once you are bitten!). Scotland is going to be different for us. I'm expecting rain (nothing we haven't handled before) and beautiful landscapes (ditto!) but also lots of tears. We are going to be making the absolute most-est of it because this will be the last time we will be travelling in him. After Scotland we will tidy him up, get everything that needs to be fixed, fixed, and send him off to his next home. It's a weird feeling. If we could keep him forever, we would, but storage and insurance costs are pretty pricey. I hate that money gets in the way of things. We built memories in Eric. We had some lows - on our first trip in 2010 we were broken into only 4 days after leaving home - but also some ridiculously amazing highs - our time in Salzburg on both trips, realising how gosh-darn beautiful Germany is when journeying through its landscapes, fires by the mountainside in Grimentz (the boys favourite place, in Switzerland), walking along the quietest, and tiniest of beaches in Lake Garda, dreaming in Venice, singing loud on long journeys. The boy read his first ever Classic and started on the path that made him the wonderful man he is today in Eric. I spent my first lengthy amount of time away from home in him. We both visited countries and places that will forever be etched on our hearts. All of these things we would never have experienced - nor could we realistically afforded to have done so - without Eric. I am so so grateful to Grandad Eric for giving my boy the chance he did, and for letting him, and I, live our wildest dreams. Not many people get to say that. I'm still surprised I do.
The beginning of our very first trip and me, happy to be in Brugges!
The incredibly peaceful campsite we escaped from the city to after our break in
Glorious German architecture - Munich's Rathaus (town hall)
The stunning view of Neuschwanstein Castle (inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle
as well as being the castle they fly over in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) from a scarily rickety bridge incredibly high up!
Sound Of Music shot in Salzburg
Trip number 2 and the obligatory Copenhagen picture!
More of Germany's architecture, this time in Hamburg
One of my favourites - Berlin - and me in the worst picked outfit for the occasion (it had been raining and was chilly
right up until we left for the train station - I was melting!) 
Back to Salzburg and one of the most beautiful views I've been lucky to witness
Another Sound Of Music fan picture - for all those who share a love for this film, you'll know this as the
lake from the scene where Maria and the children are out in the boat (with the Von Trapp family home and
the convent in the background)
Not one to be outdone, Vienna pulled out all the architectural-stops

Slovenia offered its own beautiful sights - Kamnik (a campsite stop)
We had some of the best parking spots! Soave
This was the time when we went all culture-vultery and visited the opera - Aida at Arena di Verona
The beach at Garda on, you've guessed it, Lake Garda
A photo to prove we were actually on the trip
This was in front of Milan's Cathedral
Oh Venice!
You spoiled us so
Although Novate Mezzola offered up it's own wonders

Some hiking action in Grimentz
Before the climb up
The end result was worth it - Lac de Moiry
Some lucky buggers view every day!
Smiley, happy people :)


  1. Gosh that architecture is beautiful! I always forget what stunning buildings Germany and Switzerland and Austria have but its breathtaking. And I love Disney so seeing that castle was inspiration for Sleeping Beauty is right up my street! :) x

    1. Haha, I love Disney too Bella so it was really lovely to see (I've never actually watched Chitty Chitty but the boy knows it and I double-checked to make sure I got that info right!) I have so many photos and they are hundreds more beautiful buildings but I thought this was enough for one post :) xx


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