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28 March 2013

Tale's of Easter, no. 3 (the first meeting with the bestie!)

Posting this a little later than I had hoped - already I've slipped and am not making my one post a day as promised! It's ridiculous how tired I've been getting, not sure what's going on there!

My second day at home Tuesday was also the boy's last (after the briefest of brief visits!). We met up at midday, for our last face-to-face conversation for a week (and lunch) before he set off, dropping me at my bestie's on the way (well, 10 minutes down the road) for our first face-to-face conversation for 2 1/2 months! We had a lovely afternoon, me and my catfish chum. As we talk multiple times via various social media platforms throughout each day, we didn't have too much to catch up on (although she did surprise me with a few forgotten pieces of info) but it was bloody nice just to sit in her room and see that gorgeous, smooshable face of hers. We managed to drag ourselves outside (although about 2 mins after leaving her house we did wonder why we had chosen to do so!) and took the little walk into town. I spied a few buildings along the way that I never had before, down a few paths I had never taken (rediscovering my home-town!). Upon making it to town we headed for our favourite little haunt, Cafe Monde, where the bestie had a late lunch (with a standard accompaniment of 3 beverages)  and I had my usual cuppa and caramel shortbread. More nattering followed, before we left for a little spot of shopping. Catfish purchased some black jeans - I always find you come across the best jeans when you aren't actually looking for them, it takes the pressure off! - and I finally managed to get myself a new mascara (Maxfactor False Lash Effect in case you were wondering. Although I very much imagine you weren't). We then parted ways, on our separate No. 1 buses - me for my home, catfish for hers. We are meeting up again today, for a full day of bestie banter. I can't wait!!

I took no pictures of the day (because I'm bloody useless) apart from my mascaraed eye, so I may as well give you that because I've nothing else to offer you! I know, I know, I'm a poor excuse for a blogger. I hold my hands up at that. But I promise to take some pictures today so I do have something much more interesting to show you than a mascara and an eye!

The excitement that is my new mascara off, and on, my eye!

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  1. So jealous of how perfect your eyelashes are! Lovely post :) xxx

    1. Oh hush now, most definitely not perfect! But thank you sweetness :) xxx


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