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30 March 2013

A (delayed!) tale of my parents visit

As I've been completely useless this week regarding my promise to post every day, and I've still yet to put together a post talking about my Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (grrrrrr!) I thought I'd publish one that's been waiting in the wings, ready to be released on the world-wide (we can but dream!) public. 

This is a tale that's been a long time coming, all about my parents visit back in mid-February. This was their first trip up together since coming up to Nottingham on moving day (Mum has since been with Auntie Ju, during which the 3 of us took a day-trip to York). I was very much looking forward to them coming up so we could all spend time together, in the flat, and in the city.

They arrived around midday and came in for a cuppa and biccies before we took a quick trip into town to pick up some bits for lunch. We then went for an afternoon walk to the embankment - met by geese and windy weather (tis a regular occurrence) - before spending the evening in Zizzi (our first visit to Nottingham's offering from the chain). The food, and the company, was most lovely, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there (and the day in general). We then deposited them at their hotel which is literally opposite our flat (hey, we offered to have them, Moom just likes a little bit of luxury - and hotel breakfasts!) before taking the short trip back to ours, and on to bed.

The next morning Moom, Dodge and I left the boy in the flat, with university work for company, and took the small stroll into town for a wander around. Of course, being before 11am on a Sunday, nothing was open, so after pointing out a few noteworthy buildings we stopped for a (thoroughly well-deserved, teehee) break at Patisserie Valerie (my first visit since the boy and I went there for breakfast on my birthday back in November). We all opted for something to drink and eat (because who pops out for a cuppa without purchasing something to keep it company?!) then, after suitably filling our bellies to the brim, met up with the boy for a walk through the city, to The Park - a private, gated, Victorian residential estate near the Castle (so posh it even has its own website, Ooooooo!)  and along the river (to nosey at the canal boats). The route itself is a fairly sizeable one, but it was lovely just to amble along whilst chatting, as well as being able to show my parents a little more of the city outside of the centre. After the walk I cooked us all a (veggie) roast before we bid my parents adieu!

Here are a few piccies of the weekend.

St Mary's Church opposite our building
Walking up our road

One of my favourites in the town centre - The Prudential Building
For some reason it always reminds me of Prague!
The beautiful Council Building
Perusing the pastries in Patisserie Valerie
The painted roof inside the Council Building
Nottingham Castle entrance
The view from Nottingham Castle entrance
Nottingham Castle
Castle entrance to The Park
Beautifully unusual architecture
A good ol' lamp!
Photo to prove I wasn't on my own! Moom, Dodge and the boy crossing a road in The Park
Canal walk - view of the back of Fellows Morton and Clayton
An obligatory Canal-boat shot!


  1. Ohh, I love these photos so much! I'm so jealous, I miss England so much it hurts.

    1. Well you are welcome back at any time missy :)

  2. Hhey just came across your blog from a link from Paige Joanna's site and I love it! I'm now your newest follower, definitely going to become one of my favourite to read! :D

    Alexandra Lauren Rose

    1. Alexandra, thank you so very much for taking the time to read my blog, as well as to comment. You've certainly brightened my day, and I just want you to know I really do appreciate it :) Your kind words made me smile. Happy Easter!

  3. Great photographs - can't say I've ever visited Nottingham but it looks a great place! Love the photograph with the archway merging into the house - great architecture!

    1. It really is! We've just taken another trip there this afternoon and the buildings, and whole area to be honest, is just so lovely. Especially in the sun! :)

  4. Ah my flat overlooks The Park :) Such a nice area round here. I need to go to the canal this summer, never been and I bet it's perfect for a picnic lol x

    Made In A Cup

    1. You should go Meg, it's sooooo close to you :) We walked along there today. Have you been to Navigation? So good for burgers :D That's so nice that you're flat overlooks it, I'm jealous! We live in Lace Market though, so I really shouldn't complain! xx


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