The tale of an unexpectedly lovely day! (with a sneaky Ootd!) | tori's tales: The tale of an unexpectedly lovely day! (with a sneaky Ootd!)

12 April 2013

The tale of an unexpectedly lovely day! (with a sneaky Ootd!)

This is just a little post all about my day, which I've rather quite enjoyed and thus felt it needed to be documented it! This morning the boy and I met up with a uni friend - lovely Jess, who is taking joint Philosophy and Classics, therefore we both have lectures with her - for a coffee and a good long chat (3 hours to be exact!). It's so nice to know another mature student in the area (her partner is also at the university, so 2 mature students!) who, like us, lives outside of the uni. It was also nice to be able to talk about the course with someone who understands what I'm going through - not that others don't, but knowing that someone else taking Philosophy has problems with it too sure helped me feel a little better about my situation - and it was also just plain gosh-darn fab to get to know another person living in Nottingham a little better. I'm hoping we can meet up next week when the boy leaves me on my lonesome for 5 days (even if it is just for some logic revision, GULP!).

In the afternoon I popped back into town to pick up a few (as is always the case) bits we missed out getting on the big shop yesterday (de-scaler at last!) and then got myself ready for an evening of baking, cooking (ha, domesticated, moi?!) and Opera-listening (La Traviata if you please). Madam's veggie toad-in-the-hole turned out rather well (even if I do bloody-well say so myself!) and, drumroll please, my sponge is like THE BEST EVER!!! So I'm sat here with a happy belly and a smiley face. What a good way to end the day :)

What we had for dinner (and afters!)

I feel like I'm spoiling you with another ootd post for this week but I guess I'd only be spoiling you if that was something you actually wanted/asked for! I thought I'd show off my 'outfit' (which, in all honestly, is just a jumper thrown over a dress!) because, well, do you think someone wants Spring to arrive? Hey, if the season won't come to me of its own accord then I'll bloody well make it, so dots and knee-highs it was! Also, I wanted to show off my new tote, illustrated by Paige that you can purchase here. It's so pretty, and eye-catching too - the lady in Tesco wanted to hear all about it and, after explaining that Paige had illustrated it, she told me that she thought how nice it must be to have such a talented friend. I very much agree!!

Oh, and speaking of talented friends, please do click below - Ella has reopened her wonderful Ruby Rae Love and it's most definitely well worth a look, if not to just dream one's bank balance was a little more amenable!


  1. Such a cute outfit! I love the dress, I always wear jumpers over dresses! I met you at the blogger event - I'm Gavina :)

    1. Hi Gavina! It was lovely to meet you yesterday, so sorry I didn't get the chance to say goodbye :) It was fab to meet people in the area, hopefully we'll get to see each other again soon! Thanks for the read, and the comment :)

  2. Gorgeous outfit, love! So cute, I wish I could wear things like this!! Really suits you xxx


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