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23 April 2013

The tale of my first bloggers meet!

Last Saturday, the 13th, I attended my first ever bloggers meet - the much-tweeted about (and on the day trending!) #NottsBBMeet. It came in two parts - a day event, during which a vast majority of the some-55 bloggers that attended visited Kiehl's to have a little chat about the brand and have a skin consultation (plus drink some bubbly and eat some cake, obviously I was right at home!) plus a jolly-good shop, and an evening meal that unfortunately I missed out on getting a space on, (but it looked like they all had a fab time, and enjoyed themselves some mighty cocktails!), all of which took place about 5 mins from my door (handy, aye?!!)
The original image can be see on Ally's post all about the day - here
New found buds Meg, Carmen, Beca, Sarah, oh and me, before the chop!
Now, I was a little worried before the meet up, not necessarily about meeting people, but about the fact that it was classed as a 'BB' - that's beauty bloggers for those not in the know! - meet and I thought I might be out of my depth, or not fit in because I wouldn't have anything to add to anyone's conversations regarding the  newest/cult/best and so on products the beauty world has to offer. However, this worry went away almost instantly, for once I had arrived and the nerves had died down and I was able to just get on with chatting, I realised that everyone was there to just enjoy their day regardless of conversation topic (and that everyone had their own nerves to contend with, as is always the way!).

Kiehl's in all it's reflection-y glory!
I decided to take part in the Kiehl's trip because I've never before had a skin consultation (gasp!) and liked the idea of hearing what someone has to say about my skin (apparently it looks good for my age, score!), as well as finding out about the products they have on offer as I knew little, if anything, about the brand. My skin, inevitably, is the oiliest of oily, so my lovely consultant-lady (I don't know the proper job-title, nor did I catch her name!) steered me in the direction of the products that would suit (which seemed to be plenty!). She ended up testing them on my face as I don't wear foundation and I wanted to get a proper idea of how things would feel on it. I have to say I could notice a difference in my skin the next morning (the testers were used on one side only too and I could feel a difference between the two!). Unfortunately, as lovely as it all was, I just can't afford anything recommended, but I was thoroughly impressed by the time and effort the lovely ladies put into the morning and really do thank them for it. Not only that but they've both emailed and written to us since, to thank us for coming, and also to offer up a sample of body lotion which I thought was a great little touch. It would be nice to revisit in the future, but it may have to be at a time when I'm not reliant on a student loan!

My constant door companion
Bubbly, OJ (I chose the former!) and some of the cakes on offer (I had the first one!)
A few of the products I was told would work best for my skin type - the cleanser, toner and moisturiser (or rather,
gel cream)
I have to say that the most wonderful thing about the day, for me, was that I got the chance to meet and chat to so many lovely ladies, some of whom lived locally, some of whom had travelled miles to be there (that's bloggers dedication for you!). I even found myself a new Nottingham buddy in the form of Meg (from Made In A Cup - read about her take on the day here). We had chatted on twitter before the meet, as was the case with a fair few of the ladies from the day, but it really was lovely to finally meet in person and have a good old chat about life and things in Nottingham/at the University. We even managed to pop off and have lunch together (egg and red onion sandwiches - if our aim was to scare others off then this sandwich choice seems quite the reliable way to do so!) before meeting back up with some new found friends for a final shopping push in the Victoria Centre.

As I know the city I was able to show a few of the girls around, or rather, show them to Cow vintage - the shop we spent the majority of our time. Ally is a brand ambassador/blogger for Cow's Sheffield branch and she sure did both the High Street and vintage proud on the day (check out what she what she wore). Carmen (she of the ever-splendid hair!) instantly found herself a fab jacket (and when I say instantly I sure as heck mean it - it literally took her all of about 5 secs to clap her eyes on it!); I was rather impressed by her awesome shopping skills!! I had hoped to recreate them myself however I sadly came away empty-handed, but I did enjoy my first proper root-around the store (I normally find it a little daunting on my own!).

Meg, Ally and Carmen enjoying a browse!
Check city?!
Just in case downstairs wasn't enough...
...the upstairs further whets your appetite!
I also popped, very briefly  into Lush to make myself known in real-life to the darling Ellie, who (as I mentioned in this post) truly is the loveliest, smiliest, happiest person I have ever come across (oh, a major congratulations must go out to her for being short-listed for Company Style Blogger Awards 'Best Teen Blog' - a much-deserved accolade, and one I'm 100% behind - get your voting fingers at the ready!) so its no wonder Lush hired her, who wouldn't want to be welcome by her adorable face?!

My biggest thanks go out to the wonderful Tattooed Tea Lady herself, Miss Sophia, and the three other gals - Sophie, Amiiee and Jess - who organised this event. Not only did it gave me the opportunity to meet other bloggers (gosh, I'm still not sure I can really call myself that!) but it also offered me my very first, proper, socialising experience in these 7 months I've been living in Nottingham with new people in the city. And that's quite something. I hadn't actually picked up on this fact until the evening before, when I realised that, yes, I do see people - I go to university which obviously offers me a great number of faces to stare and chat at on occasion -  but not once had I been out (apart from with my lovely family members who have visited on a few of occasions - one of which I shall be posting about very soon!) and spent time chatting, shopping and getting to know some new people in this city I now call 'the place that I live' (yes it's a mouthful but 'home' shall be forever reserved for that special house in Otterbourne). I am entirely grateful to have been a part of it; it felt like a new start of sorts.

Moving away from home isn't easy, even when you are a big, grown-up adult-type-person like myself. I loved living with my parents, and my brother, and having all my wonderful family members and friends close to me, close enough that I could see then whenever I wanted (ha, or as often as not being able to drive allowed me to!). Although moving away, I realise, is ultimately a good thing for me - because it set me off on a journey that has changed me somewhat, and pretty much forced me to actually take that big step/leap towards proper adulthood - it hasn't come without it's worries, and one of those has been lack of contact with people outside the world my boy and I live in. Sometimes I crave a little female companionship, or a natter that doesn't need my brain to exert itself (politics/philosophy/Roman culture anyone?!) and the bloggers meet-up fed that crave, as did the Lush Swap Shop that I attended. Both made me feel a part of this city, more than I ever have done since we moved here back in September. I've got to know Nottingham through the eyes of those who haven't visited before, or don't visit it often, and that has meant me discovering it all over again and realising how lucky I am to have it all outside my door (2 min walk to the city's shops? Yes please!). So thank you to everyone who organised and attended the meet. You've helped in ways you probably didn't even realise; you've done your bit in creating a happier Tori.

And.....that's it really. Why did that take me so long to write, you ask? Your guess is as good as mine!


  1. Oh wow, this looks like so much fun!
    Check out that vintagey shop :D

    1. Thanks you Sammy! It really was a fab day, hopefully I'll get the chance to go on another one soon :) And yes, Cow is amazing!


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