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11 April 2013

The tale of the (vintage) wardrobe plan that went awry!

A year ago this month I went on a bit of an Etsy rampage and bought multiple vintage items thinking I'd kick off a brand new wardrobe/style à la some sort of 50's mooovie star. Unfortunately, said kicking-off did not happen ('no', you say, 'really? There I was thinking we had our very own Marilyn/Grace/Jayne/Diana/Elizabeth - edit as you see fit, i.e. delete all! - this here side of town'). Nope, my friends, that fantastical moment was short-lived (if really lived at all). Firstly, all of the items, bar the jacket, turned up stained without any such mention of said fact in the description (thankfully I managed to get the stains out, although not without first taking pictures and sending them to the people I bought them from with a rather strong word or two!). Not only that, but a few of the measurements differed from what was given, and as a result I ended up with some pieces that were a good clothes-size or so too big for me. Furthermore, some of the dresses turned up being a mighty load sheer-er than one ever thought possible of a material (something again not mentioned in their descriptions, nor documented in their photos) and it took me a good long while to find a 'decently priced' (read, within my poor budget) slip to go underneath them (of course, one that is far too long that I've yet to alter!) Thus, I lost my steam, my patience and my willingness to 'invest' in further pieces.

When packing up to move in September, I decided to leave a few of the ill-fitting items at home (after a completely unsuccessful selling bout on eBay) but did, however, choose to bring a few of the others along with me in the hope that I would, eventually, get some wear out of them. Today, a good few months on from banishing them to the unused left-side-of-the-wardrobe, I thought I'd let them see the light of day (they almost breathed a sigh of relief at being released from their wardrobe prison), and have another think about what to do with them. 

All the dresses were different from their descriptions, so I shan't be mentioning
the sellers! The jacket, however, was as stated - you can find the seller here!
I definitely love the blue and lilac numbers and they, thankfully, both fit me fairly well, although are in need of the slip underneath to be at least semi-decent (otherwise I may find myself pulling off some sort of Jane Russell circa 'The Outlaw' era - although, hey, emulating a 40s movie star is better than emulating no star at all!). The jacket is lovely but I have nothing to go with it so another eBay visit may be due and the cream dress is a little too big for me; I just don't have the patience, or the ability, to alter it! Sigh, one always starts with the best intentions!

Have you ever purchased vintage and, if so, how did you find the garment/transaction? I think I was just very unlucky with my choices and, as I'm not one who is handy with a needle and thread, the best thing for me to do may be to avoid certain vintage pieces from now on (the 50s dress I purchased last week was quite the exception!). I do, however, have my eye on a certain Vintage Style Me number (Rhiannon has quite the awesome taste!), so, who knows?!!

Speaking of vintage, it felt right that today's tale should come courtesy of the beautiful Marianne of Esme and the Laneway. She is, without a doubt, the owner of THE most perfect wardrobe one's eyes has ever graced, and not a day goes by where I can't help but think a) I wish I was her or b) I wish she lived near me so I can go have a proper gander! If you haven't visited before, please do go take a stroll along her blog, you eyes will thank you for it :)


  1. Completely agreed! Darn that gorgeous Marianne!
    I haven't yet had the chance to opt for any vintage pieces. Being so young and not knowing where to start it certainly a set back!

    1. To be honest, I think collecting vintage does take time :) I'm just completely and utterly impatient! And also, so bad at finding things because I get bored looking through clothes rails :p

  2. Haha yes, I'll try not to give up. Same here! I know it's bad, but I utterly detest clothing shopping most days! So true!


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