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2 April 2013

A belated Easter tale (from Wednesday through to Sunday!)

Right, I am very much determined to get on top of everything and update you on my Easter week at home. I well and truly broke my promise to post once a day, but I hadn't realised quite how busy I was going to be, nor how long it would actually take me to write everything ( and coupled with my ridiculous tiredness everything seemed to take twice as long as usual!). Anyway, here it goes!

Wednesday I joined my Auntie on a trip to West Quay (Southampton's shopping centre) where we shopped (mainly just a browse, neither of us purchased anything for ourselves, besides drinks/food!) amongst the odd coffee, tea and cheesy jacket potato. It was a lovely, chatty affair, relaxed and most enjoyable. The only downside was finding out the sweet shop I used is no longer in town (I know, not much to be sad about, but I do love my pic n' mix!) I'm really pleased we found the time to spend a day together. We did so much chatting in the end that we tired ourselves out!
In the evening Moom, the bro and I went to the cinema to watch 'Oz The Great And Powerful'. Although easy to lose myself in, I did find that the film lacked the charm of the original it was pre-qualing - The Wizard of Oz - and was actually a little more child-friendly than I was expecting (not sure why I thought it was aimed at adults but, hey, a girl can get things wrong sometimes!). A good film but not sure I'd really recommend it, unless you have a particular love for one of the fab actors in it. Then I'd say go for it!

Thursday was a day I put aside for my catfish friend. We met when she finished her lectures at 11, after I took another stroll down a few unfamiliar Winchester paths, and we took the short walk back to hers for a cuppa before visiting our friend TA (who made quite the online purchase - it was actually a larger version of the one I've linked to but it seems there was only one so I can't show you properly!) at his student digs (I don't even care that I sound an idiot saying that, the word is staying!). Sainsbury's beckoned us, and we spent about half the amount of time picking up the things we needed for the evenings festivities of that which we spent in the bloody queue waiting to be served by possibly THE slowest employee they have to offer! Another trip back to TA's for lunch, before watching some pretty dreadful (but highly entertaining) afternoon telly and walking back to catfish's to get ourselves prepared for our Mexican feast! The evening was spent eating (enchiladas - veggie for M and I - and home-made Guacamole), meeting new people and getting our drink on! Our night out was short-lived (Winchester is a ridiculously small town that lacks a good amount of decent places to go 'clubbing') but being able to spend so much time with catfish was jolly wonderful.
Top row -  1) the graveyard on the walk through to the uni,  2) my catfish, her tiara and a dog for company,
3) someone loves these Easter bunnies!
Middle row - my first shot of Winchester on the walk from the station
Bottom row - 1) Home-made Guac!, 2) showing off my outfit for the evening (the majority of it courtesy
of my catfish due to my ridiculous memory!), 3) some new friends!
Friday beckoned, and with it a trip to Poppies Cafe with Moom, Auntie Ju and Nanny in tow! We had a lovely time, relaxing and chatting the morning away, over an assortment of drinks and sweet accompaniments (hot cross bun, strawberry and white chocolate muffin, fruit scone and Victoria sponge - guess which one was mine?!) before Moom and I spent the afternoon back at home (during which I got a little emotional, the result of which was this post!). 
Poppies offerings - tea, coffee, scone and hot cross bun on the left, sponge on the right!
In the evening I joined Dodge for a 'Looper' viewing. I'd most definitely recommend seeing it if you haven't done. It's a little unusual  and the storyline didn't go where I expected it to, but I really did enjoy watching it, and JGL was bloody splendid as ever!

Saturday was exciting because I got to meet Paige (from Paige Joanna) for the very first time! We decided to meet roughly halfway (I say that, poor Paige did have a longer train journey than I!) in Southampton and just had the best time! As we speak most days (if not every day!) the meeting itself was without any uncomfortable moments (which I think is the worry most people have when they are meeting someone for the first time) and we spent a good number of hours chatting - over coffee and whilst window-shopping. I even had my nails painted (something I never, ever do!) thanks to Paige's patience! I loved every minute of my time with her and look forward to us seeing each other again soon.

Beautiful Paige and the polished nails I received courtesy of her good nature!
In the evening I joined Moom this time to watch the final Twilight 'Breaking Dawn Part 2', as I missed seeing it when it came out (I couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to watch it at the cinema on my own for some reason). I do love the films, although I don't think this was the strongest end to the series, and I think now that they would have been better off releasing the final two  together as a longer film. Still, I'm really glad I watched it so as to round-out the series, and you can't really fault an evening with vampires and werewolves for company, can you?!

Sunday rolled around (seriously, where did the days go?!) and with it my last, brief visit, to see my catfish before she left for a visit home. After saying goodbye, Moom and I journeyed (I'm making that sound like a long trip, really, it took us less than 10mins!) into Winchester, parking in one of the back streets. We had a lovely walk into town, with the sun warming our shoulders along the way, and ended up in a cafe, where we sat down for tea and (you've guessed it!) some more sweet treats (pain au raisin - no thanks! - and red velvet por moi) and a natter, before having a little browse around the few shops that were open, before returning home. In the evening I had my final visit of the trip to see my Nan and Auntie Ju (with an impromptu viewing of Grease, you've gotta love it!). Not seeing them for another couple of months now is a hard pill to swallow, but I'm so happy I've been able to see them a good few times on this trip. It'll sustain me for a while!
Yesterday's walk into Winchester allowed me to take some beautiful pics
1) my favourite building (I'll bloody live there one day!)
2) Winchester's Cathedral
Next time I'll update you on my last full day at home and about my journey back to Nottingham today :)

I do hope you have all had a glorious Easter.


  1. What a lovely Easter weekend!! I love all these photos!! I actually thought Oz was more of an adult film than a children's film too!! :) I love that you + Paige got together for a meet up!! She is such a sweetheart and I love the color of your nails!! xoxo

    1. Thank you love! It was a fab meet up and I was most definitely grateful for Paige's patience, I'm so bad when it comes to painting nails that I never bother! :) xx

  2. Holy crap you had a busy few days! I'm super jealous; it looks like you had a ton of fun and ate some amazing food. ^^

    1. I love that we just commented on each other's blogs! I literally spent 8 days doing everything under the sun. Well, not really, I mainly ate cake, but that equates to doing everything in my book!

  3. I want to live in england so I can meet all you guys, ahh :(
    one day :)

    1. YES!! Please do come, at least for a visit! We can have a good natter over tea (and cake :P)


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