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14 April 2013

A 'before I forget' tale!

Cast your mind back, if you can, to Easter Monday or - as it shall henceforth be known - Tori's last official day at home for Easter (the one I almost forgot to post about!). It was a fairly relaxed one in comparison to previous day's of the visit; I got up at a normal time, bathed (lah-dee-dah), got myself ready and was dropped into Winchester to meet two friends for lunch. We ended up at Slug and Lettuce and had a good natter over our food - mine was a falafel burger, if you're asking - about their upcoming nuptials (for which I purchased THE dress), work and life in general! It's amazing how time slips by, as I hadn't seen them since Christmas, and I won't be seeing them again now until I watch them get married at Winchester Guildhall in May (so exciting!). This is what moving away from home does to a girl! We did have a lovely catch-up though, and I'm grateful to have been able to have seen the both of them. Roll on May!

The rest of the day is a bit hazy for me, which I gather means I didn't actually get up to much (in my mind I'm seeing a laptop and tea, haha!) but in the evening we had our last family meal together - complete with my roasties and Moom's apple crumble! I then rounded out the day with Broadchurch (boy did it feel rather extravagant being able to watch it on telly instead of my lappy!) and some packing (cue panic about the fact that not everything would fit in the one case I had and a worry about having to get everything on and off the tube!) Before bed, I decided to take the following picture, just to see if anyone else has one? A few ladies I know have taken trips to Disney - this specific picture was created one one of our trips to Disneyland Paris back when I was a young 'un, so I thought I'd take a pic and ask! This was my favourite hairstyle when I was younger, ha!

Tuesday morning dawned and with it the 4 home journey home. Thankfully it was a pleasant morning, and I managed to get a seat on the train, after happily having stowed my suitcase in the above-head storage thing (yay for little suitcases despite the drama they cause when it comes to packing them!) My other bag was then stowed under foot, out came my book, and I settled down for a read. London beckoned, and with it a change of station, from Waterloo to St Pancras via the Bakerloo and Victoria lines. I managed it all rather smoothly (oh yeah Tors, big yourself up about managing to get the tube!) and made it onto my connecting train in one piece. A table seat this time, and no working wifi (EastCoast, you are a pain in my arse) so out came the book again. The boy then met me at the end of the journey (looking a little tired and un-fed; I can't leave him on his own, even for a week!) and we walked back (via M&S for some soup!) to the flat together. In the afternoon we took another walk to The Park, as the sun was still shining, and spent some time sitting on a bench in one of their small and perfectly manicured gardens, chatting and enjoying being in one another's company once more.

My first 'late' sunset
The city centre graveyard that we like to wander through
Nottingham Castle, view from a different entrace to The Park


  1. ohmygoodness!! My mum has my old silhouette picture from Disneyland!! (I actually did a little diy project and blew up the silhouette and framed it to go above my bed! Silhouettes are my favorite!!) :) I love your hairstyle!! I'll have to take photos of mine one of these days to share!!
    Beautiful photos Tori dear!! xoxo

    1. Hehe, I was about 10 I think and I really loved having a bob! Silhouette, yay!! I couldn't think of the word. Thank you!! You definitely need to take pictures please :) I would love to see it! xx

  2. I love that graveyard! I wander through it occasionally...not to come across particularly maudlin or anything :P x

    1. Haha, I love it too! It's so peaceful as well. Understandably! It's nice for a bit of an aimless walk and a chat! xx


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