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26 April 2013

An apologetic tale (feat. a special little man!)

I'm going to apologise (such behaviour seems rife at this time of year!) in advance for a brief hiatus of actual, real, life-sized posts due to my current uni-work-riddled situation. This post shall be short, a haiku of posts, just to say right now I'm in limbo-land, suspended between the happiness of a trip to Birmingham this past Tuesday with two wonderful gal-pals and a future trip to the Harry Potter Studio, and the misery of stressful bouts of revision and essay-writing. Come Wednesday, aka deadline-day, I should have time to write something good and proper.

For now, I shall finish this post with a big massive Happy Birthday to my favouritist most wonderful monkey, whose gorgeous face I am getting to see on Sunday. I can't wait!!

Back when we were both a little younger :)


  1. haha! I love little Haiku-type posts! :)
    I hope that your essays go smoothly and I'm quite jealous of your trip to the Harry Potter studio!! xo

    1. Thanks sweet! I do very much hope so too!! Fingers crossed I get some done today before the trip tomorrow - I think I'm going to be more excited than the kids!! :) xx


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