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5 February 2014

167 // Wednesday Wittering

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It's that time of the week again when we have to tackle the mighty midweek mountain; follow it's treacherous paths and torturous turns and twists and hope we can navigate ourselves over and across the other side, settling there with a 'phew, I'm glad that's over'. Because Wednesday's are weird, aren't they? They leave me feeling a little breathless - it's like I'm holding my breath in anticipation of Friday evening's appearance, despite the fact that I've, quite obviously, still got two days to drag myself through before I can pop my feet back up and worry about doing nothing (oh brain, why can't you just let me enjoy relaxing, aye?!). 

To help navigate you through (what's left of!) today, I thought I'd put together a jumble of thoughts, words and links in the aim of making the next minute, hour, day or evening ahead all that bit more manageable. Or at least, forgettable (of sorts!). 

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Tori's Tale

This week has seen a few things happen in my little world. Firstly, I have temporarily dyed my hair a sort of baby/bright/rose-gold (thanks to my roots!) pink and I bloody love it so much (hello new bloggy pic!) that I very much wish it was permanent. There's something about catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and seeing colourful hair that plasters a smile on my face and makes my heart skip a little. I'm certainly no expert - the patchiness speaks for itself - but if you were looking to have a go I'd definitely point you in the direction of Bleach London's 'Rose Pink'. However, I've found it to be a lot more temporary then it says on the bottle; it's nearly all gone from my hair after two washes, though I only used about a third of the bottle at a time (I've used it three times between now and Saturday - I guess that gives you a better idea of just how temporary it is!). It doesn't smell like hair dye, at all, and it's left my hair feeling soft and smooth too! 

Secondly, I made a start on pilates. Even though I couldn't stand the instructor and decided I didn't like pop music soundtrack-ing my routine, I actually really enjoyed the exercises themselves so am going to look into different tutorials etc. Unfortunately, despite having a membership (I know, I know), I'm unable to go to classes at uni because they are either on the wrong campus or at odd times (like 8-9pm - there's no way I'm taking a bus back to uni at that time of night!). 

Thirdly, I'm looking into having a little blog re-design and am being helped out by the wonderfully kind and super-sweet Dani, of the gorgeous luckynumberseven. I've been keeping a secret Pinterest board (or two) in which I'm stocking up on images I am drawn to, without the restriction of knowing I need to pin to a 'specific' group (a big thank you to Celestine for the idea!) and this has helped out a lot regarding the sort of direction I am aiming in when it comes to the new look. Below is a little moodboard (my first ever, I loved doing it!) of a few of those pins that have caught my eye over the past week:

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Tales of the web

First off I have to share this song because multiple times this week it has put a smile on my face and a spring in my step! If you fancy a spontaneous dance in your kitchen - as I did this morning - then Happy by Pharrell - you know the one - will sure as heck help you bust one out!
(and while you're compiling one, why not stick this cutie in it?)
And back on track...
  • This may be a bit of an odd one by my goodness does the Facebook Paper app look blummin' lovely (so of course it isn't available for android!)

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Image // Olivia Rae James, found via Noirve
Blog Tales

I didn't manage to put together a 'Tales of the Week' for you this week (so sorry to those who enjoy the feature), not because I couldn't find posts to share, but because I couldn't narrow all the posts down. Instead, I thought I'd list a few of the blogs I've recently got to know, in the hope that you'll find your own tales of the week to enjoy!


  1. pink! i love it, you look gorrgeous. great links, thanks for sharing xx

    Little Blue Backpack

  2. TOTALLY love the hair, Tori! You pull it off so well! Looks great.
    And oh I do love a blog re-design! It's like a fresh start in some ways and that always feels good! X

  3. I love your pink hair tori!! You are such a stunning lady!!
    oooo! I have a couple pilates dvds that I remember doing a few years back and really loving it. I may have to pull them out again!
    I can't wait to see your blog re-design!! I love this mood board!!

  4. Ah your hair is so lovely!
    I haven't done pilates for years, but I used to enjoy it.

  5. First off, your hair looks fantastic Tori! I wonder if there are any tips out there on Youtube or the like as to how to make the dye last longer on your hair? It looks so pretty, it would be a shame for it to disappear so quickly!
    Well done you on going to pilates, I'd love to do something like that but I'm an introvert and put off by the idea of being in a group of people by myself (and listening to music that isn't my choice!).
    I'm excited for you and your new blog design! I feel like I need a change now that a new year is here, I think refreshing things a little once in a while does us good. The selection of pictures you've shared with us are beautiful - I really love that photo of the sky. I have a thing about the sky!
    I love love love the idea of a happiness folder, I've always saved pictures I like to my computer (or more recently - Pinterest!) but never thought of it in that way before. I'm keeping a diary this year, which is helping me to keep track of the positives in everyday life. The temporary tattoos are gorgeous (they even have bears!!). The list of boyfriend rules is so cute!!!
    I love reading things like the post with advice from people with what they wish they'd known before they started their business - I really loved what Emma says about making mistakes. The advice from Paul Jarvis was quite insightful too.
    Now to check out the blogs you've recommended :) xxx

  6. Weird I always have that feeling on Tuesdays. Wednesday usually almost feel like Friday to me haha :)

  7. Oh, Tori. Your witterings just make me so blooming happy! Your locks are absolutely gorgeous (I wish that I had the guts to do something similar!) and pink suits you perfectly. I'm very excited to see your sparkling new blog design - interestingly enough, I'm strangely content with mine at the moment. I'm sure that it will be so, so lovely. Your tales of the web brought a smile to my face - particularly the list of boyfriend rules! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and that life is treating you kindly. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Much love, Jess | Gingerly Pale x


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