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2 February 2014

166 // A craft-y gift

Sometimes I am genuinely surprised by where the time goes - how it's Sunday again is beyond me (do I sound old, moaning about the time?!). I've been meaning to share this wonderful gift with you since I become it's rather happy owner last Saturday, all thanks to the super-talented Gemma (from Faded Windmills - make sure you head on over to check out her recent knitting venture!).

The two of us met up in Derby (roughly halfway between our homes) for our first ever face-to-face conversation (s - there were plenty!) which lasted a good few hours over coffee and cake, then during a rather extended trip to Lush (so many hand massages and samples!) and, of course, over lunch (do you like how we managed to fit multiple food pit-stops in?!).

Just before parting (after which I got on the wrong bus, SO me, back to Nottingham so a trip that should have taken me 35 minutes took an hour and 15 minutes - painful much?!) Gem kindly handed over a little bag in which she had packed two slices of home-made cake-goodness (the boy genuinely couldn't believe it was home-made, looks like a rather high bar has been set for any of my own future baking endeavours!) and this beautiful needle case. Gemma knew I'm looking to make a proper start on crafting (I'm looking for something to make before the deadline set for me boy the boy of his birthday near the end of March!) and so, incredibly thoughtfully, put together something that will help me on my journey. I'm still marvelling at her skills a week or so on - I mean, look at her personalised touch!! Tori's Tales and I are both very grateful, Gem!

I apologise for all the random changes  that may start appearing on TT - I've today learnt a little html and am trying my darndest to change font styles and colours - little did I know that the html in the tutorial I used would look so different to blogger's - GAH!


  1. Ah that is just the sweetest gift! If you need any HTML pointers then give me a shout, doing MySpace layouts taught me a lot ;)
    Rosie at Every Word Handwritten x

  2. oooh!! It is too cute!! I love it!! Happy sewing Tori!! xoox

  3. Oh Tor!!! You are way way too kind! It's a goofy little thing really, don't look too closely at it! Haha!

    What a really brilliant day we had though, I think we covered every topic of conversation possible! Can't wait to do it again soon : )

    (Loving the fancy new font by the way!!)

    Gem x

  4. First things first i just adore your patchwork quilt - I use to help my mam make patchwork pillow cases growing up and I keep meaning to construct one for my helpful (stick on to-do list with everything else). And as for needle case, well that's just too darn cute!

  5. This is so thoughtful! Looking forward to hopefully reading more about your craft journey on your blog.
    I still haven't used my sewing machine yet, I've had a go at threading it. I plan on making a coin purse first but I'm to scared!


  6. Oh such a sweet and thoughtful gift! I will definitely go and check out Gemma's blog shortly :) my sister goes to university in Derby, it's not too far from where my mum lives in Leicestershire. I'm envious of you and your little adventures meeting other bloggers Tori, you're so brave! It sounds like you both had the most wonderful day. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your crafty endeavors lovely lady xxx

  7. Excellent post.

    And what a gorgeous little gift. :)

  8. That's a really sweet gift. You're a lucky girl! I've just tagged you in the 30 random questions tag and I'd love to read your answers! You can check out the post here if you fancy it: http://ellenunderwater.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/30-questions-tag.html



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