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12 February 2014

169 // Tales of the Week

1 // Tavi Gevinson for Ruush 2 // Original not found, via tumblr 3 // Match, Plamen Stevanov 4 // Mi Armario en Ruinas - edited (poorly) by moi
I'm not sure where I was going with this header, I just fancied something a bit darker/bolder/moodier than usual. Something a little more striking, if you please (and here's hoping that is how it comes across). Plus, ya know, one can never have enough Tavi on one's blog (guys, that hair. She's making me want to chop mine off again, arrgh!).

I know I missed out on Tales of the Week last week (though I hope you saw this post, which offered up a few bits and bobs in it's place!) and, yes, I'm late with this edition, but - at long last - I'm excited to share these posts with you and hopefully you are excited about me doing so! May I suggest - to fully appreciate all that I am offering you (and by I, I mean everyone who wrote these posts!) - taking half an hour out of your day, grabbing a cuppa, popping your feet up and savouring the read!!

*As ever, one must note that all images shown belong to the blog from whence they came, and all credit belongs to the authors of these posts*

Monday 3rd
Hannah's polka dots had me green with envy

Tuesday 4th
Stacy shared swoon-worthy (Italian) imagery

Wednesday 5th
Rusty snapped some February shoots

Thursday 6th
Darling Magazine shared a guide to lifelong learning

Friday 7th
Emma took part in a Ray Ban campaign

Saturday 8th
Giulia pondered her Pieces

Sunday 9th
Jess shared what happiness is..

Monday 10th
Gemma made a mouse!!


  1. Wonderful choices, Tori :) I particularly love the Darling one - I'd not come across the site before but it definitely looks like something I need in my life so thank you for sharing it. xxxx PS. I like the moody header :D

  2. I love these posts of yours, can always guarantee I'll find some inspiration or just some lovely words to while away the time reading. Thanks for sharing :)
    Kim x
    grace & flower

  3. Love the Rayban photo! I want to re-create that now haha! Cheeeesy!

    Katie <3

  4. aw thank you for including me here:)

  5. Ah Tor, the Lifelong Learning post…. I am a mahoussive believer of this. You truly never stop taking in knowledge, opportunities are everywhere you look : )

    Faded Windmills

  6. Going to have a look at these posts now, you always introduce me to new and lovely blogs! And I love the header.


  7. Sweetest Tori thank you so much for including me in your Tales of the Week, I feel so privileged! I've enjoyed each link that I clicked through to, and discovered some lovely new blogs in the process :) xxx


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