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21 January 2014

161 // Tales of the Week

The boy getting his read on
The time is still running away with me thanks to this revision/exam malarkey so I was all-a-tizzy this morning when I realised it was Tales of the Week day! Still, it was a post made easy thanks to the sheer volume of goodness that met me in my 'liked' post folder (thank you!). I've barely had (or rather, made) time this week to sit and catch up properly with posts but, fear not, I shall hopefully all be caught up come tomorrow evening (as I have it to myself!). Happy reading! 

 *Images shown belong to the blog from whence they came. All credit belongs to the authors of the posts*

Tuesday 14th
Clementine, Tales of the Week
Clementine spoke of kindness

Wednesday 15th
Faded Windmills, Tales of the Week
Gemma welcomed her next chapter

Thursday 16th
Glitterskin, Tales of the Week
Chloe blue (so witty!) me away

Friday 17th
Cocorinna, Tales of the Week
Corina compared her Now & Then

Saturday 18th
Fill my little world, Tales of the Week
Beeta asked what makes you you?

Sunday 19th
Smile me Pretty, Tales of the Week
Em explored the familiar

Monday 20th
Coco/Mingo, Tales of the Week
Jessica DIY'd tea!


  1. Oh Tori, you wonderful star : )

    I have no idea how you manage to find time for posts with your exams and stuff, let alone the endless supply of support to others. You might actually be Wonder Woman, (the blonde is your disguise right?)

    Thank you for being a friend.

    ALSO how gorgeous is the diy tea?!! Beautiful idea!!

    Good luck with your revision and the next serving of exam nasty… Thinking of you : )

    Faded Windmills

  2. i love the now and then post!! and yes! Chloe's outfit is so so so pretty!!!

  3. Thank you for some lovely blog reading :) x


  4. Yay! Love posts like this - now following a few of the lovely girls!

    The lighting on the back wall of your living room is lovely!

    Katie <3

  5. Explore the familiar is such a pretty idea, thanks for sharing this!

  6. All such great links and posts - off to do some reading! And thank you so much for including my little heart teas! :) xoxo

  7. I love this series of yours! It's never a bad idea finding new blogs and this is so helpful for finding them. Thank you Tori!

  8. Lovely post as ever Tori, I just love these posts! The post about kindness on Clementine is wonderful, so inspiring. The 5 steps to a peaceful morning are just as wonderful - I much prefer getting up earlier but it is so hard some days! Having that extra half an hour really does make all the difference, and makes you feel less rushed for the rest of the morning. I think you've linked Chloe's blog before, I love her individuality - she's beautiful! Corrina's Now and Then post is such a great idea, I enjoyed reading it and can admit I was (still am!) a total Harry Potter nerd! I love posts and things that involve reflection, it's something I'd like to do more of myself. I wish I lived somewhere as breathtaking as Emma does, but I agree with finding beauty that you haven't noticed before in places you see everyday. Exploring and re-exploring locally makes for a lovely adventure :) I hope you've managed to find time for some 'me time' now Tori, it's difficult when there are so many things to do and keep up with! xxx

  9. I love these posts, thank you for introducing me to some new blogs once again..


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