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15 January 2014

158 // Tori's Tales of the Week

Our flat, forever over-run with books!
This weeks 'tales' post is a little late (thank goodness I didn't go with the aforementioned alliteration, aye?!) because I am totally lost where days/dates/hours/minutes are concerned this week - revision does that to this girl! It's like my brain tries it's hardest to grab onto the stuff it's supposed to know for the exams and, as a result, shoves all the day-to-day information I need to essentially run and live my life into a cramped little corner I just can't reach. Thanks brain! Anyway, things are always better late then never as far as I'm concerned, thus here are my favourite posts from the lovely people of the blogosphere from the last 7 days....

 *Images shown belong to the blog from whence they came. All credit belongs to the authors of the posts*

Tuesday 7th
Tania showed off her tube skirt among the ferns

Wednesday 8th
Trina shared her lingering list

Thursday 9th
Rosie spoke about eating seasonally

Friday 10th
Bee braved the elements and shared her winter pastels

Saturday 11th
Chloe offered her tips on how to ace your internship

Sunday 12th
Kerry talked about beating the January blues

Monday 13th 
Kelsey shared her plus'es and minus'es


  1. clicking some links getting ready to read some amazing posts (all these photos are so pretty!!) you always pick such lovely things to share Tori!!! xo

  2. Oh I do love Tales of the Week - mostly because I'm a complete nosy parker.
    Can't wait to discover lots of lovely new blogs, thank you :o)
    M x Life Outside London

  3. This is such a fab, lovely idea! Having a huge reading session as we speak!
    Sophs xx
    The Sopho Diaries

  4. Lovely picks as always, off to check out the ones I haven't already seen :)

  5. I hope your revision isn't going too badly and you survive exam season! I love your round ups, they're very distracting. I end up with a long list of blog posts I want to read! xx


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