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4 January 2014

152 // New Year Rambles

I had to share this photo Paige took when we met up last week - it was so bright we couldn't see a thing!
Being a student (and, you know, me) the period at the end of one year and then the beginning of another tends to merge into one (thus the stress extends) thanks to the existence of January exams. As I've only just handed in two essays (on Thursday, the day I arrived back in Nottingham, after spending a lovely time over Christmas and New Year back home with my family) the boy and I decided that yesterday, Friday 3rd January 2014 (why not make it official?!), we would take the day off and spend it together. And spend it together we did! We woke up late (I swear it was the latest I've ever got out of bed - around 11:30) and mooched a little (I cooked the boy a fry-up - veggie - to help soak up the not-so-nice after-effects of his work's Christmas 'do night out on Thursday) before deciding to watch a couple of episodes of Peep Show (actually, the entire Series 5 because we realised neither of us had ever seen it before - how the heck that happened we don't know!) and then whacked out the travel Monopoly for a (very) long game. The day was interrupted by an unfortunate-but-very-much-needed food shop, after which we returned to (further) revel in the company of Mark, Jeremy and Monopoly (before and after I cooked dinner - another Deliciously Ella recipe which you can find here)! It's safe to say the day was short but oh-so-sweet and, after nearly 11 days apart, it was time much-needed and very well-spent with my boy.

1 // Blouse, 2 // Book
Today it was back to uni work and on with revision, however, I did manage to pop out (honestly, I go stir-crazy if I'm cooped up for more than one day - maybe it's the peach walls?) and purchased a couple of items. No.1 was this floral, sheer blouse from New Look, bought using my much appreciated gift card from my parents (my Dad de-and-reconstructed mine and my brother's Christmas Crackers, replacing the insides with a gift card for each of us!). It's not my usual kind of item but, other than some roll-necks, I don't really have much else to pair with my jeans so thought I'd give it a go! No. 2 was Capote's In Cold Blood. The boy had bought me a copy of The Fault In Our Stars for Christmas (forgetting that I'd spoken to him about having read it on numerous occasions and ignoring the fact that my bright blue copy has been staring at us from the book shelf for well over a month!) so it was an in-store exchange. I've wanted to read it for a long time so today I jumped at the chance to get a copy.

Before I leave you to fend for yourself on this cold and miserable Saturday evening (though may I suggest tea and chocolate - anything leftover from Christmas you can get your hands on!) I must once again take the time to thank you all for your incredible support for me and Tori's Tales. Since writing my previous post, when I had reached 226 followers, the number has grown again to 252 (SAY WHUUUUT?!) and I am quite without the words to vocalise just how much that means to me. I have a feeling a lot of my new followers have found me thanks to the following three very special young ladies - firstly, the beautiful Mrs McMinn posted a '2013 Tag' YouTube video in which she spoke about both me and Tori's Tales, secondly Rosie very sweetly mentioned Tori's Tales in her 'Five Favourites - December' post as one of her 'five blogs I'm loving this month' and thirdly, Ellie popped Tori's Tales in her 'Blog love' post in a list of her favourite blogs - and I desperately wanted to let it be known that this support, from all three of these ladies, is absolutely overwhelming for me and I am more than honoured to be featured by them. Coupled with the love I've been receiving on twitter and via instagram from all of you wonderful, magical people, I have to say I feel a very lucky girl indeed!


  1. Sounds like you had a very relaxed day with your other half :) I don't think I could play Monopoly with Ash, it'd only end in tears... Haha! Well done on your amazing follower inflation too! X

  2. Sounds like a lovely time! It's great getting to have a day with the other half, and Peep Show is an amazing show! x

  3. :) Aw, it sounds like you had a great day. ♥ I love having lazy days especially when I have so much revision to do. :( I'm still with the family, but looking forwards to going back to uni and getting this exam over and done with.

    Congratulations on having so many followers. :D

    Abigail x

  4. Congratulations with 250 followers! Your dad and the cracker/gift card thing sounds too cool. What a fun idea! I hope 2014 is great for you :)


  5. You and Paige look like you're up to mischief!! Twinkles in the eyes!

    Faded Windmills


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