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14 August 2013

No 85 Home Sweet Home

*As you read this I'll be pootling along somewhere to/in/from Scotland! I'm away for the month of August but shall endeavour to keep in touch (tweet/read and reply to comments) as often as I am able. Thank you for popping by and be sure to check my daily updates on instagram!*

I'm not really one to moon over Pinterest (and all the lovely things I can't afford pinned to everyone's boards) but as I'm away (I presume that's what ended up happening), and because I seem to have a fairly useless imagination, I thought I'd scroll through it and pick out piccies so as to create a post all about
my 'dream cottage' (urgh, so cliche!).

This would be my ideal home. A cottage in the English countryside (albeit I could do without the horses). Cute (I'd imagine annoying to upkeep) thatched roof, the standard child's depiction of 4 windows and a door in the middle, rose bushes, trellis (I'm not even sure what that is), flowers growing up the exterior (leaving grubby marks). You know, the usual cottage-y stuff.

Left, pretty mismatching
Right, rustic chic
Ahhh, the country kitchen. It wouldn't be one without the obligatory floral chintz/(green)check pattern, shabby chic furniture and mismatched everything, now, would it? I can't image ever being able to rock such a pretty collection but a girl can, and will, dream!

Top left - Muted greens
Top right - Yellow and Grey
Bottom left - Bold hues
Bottom right - Chintsy florals 
The bedroom. I couldn't pick just one so went for a combination of 4, highlighting what I adore from each one. I'm leaning towards the top left and bottom right (which would, of course, be the guest bedroom). Seems I'm all about the floral design. And I love the bed frame in the the top left.

Top left - Pastels
Top right - Pink stripes
Bottom left - Plates!
Bottom right - Small space (couldn't find the original pin - if you do, let me know so I can credit it)
Ok, so picking 4 became a thing! I love the use of space in the bottom right, it's just perfect! And plates for wall decoration? Who'da thunk it?

Top left - Farm chic!
Top right - Cutesy
Bottom left - Mellow yellow
Bottom right - Dark wood
I'm sensing some sort of theme (one day I WILL get a stand-alone tub!)

And one couldn't be without a wonderfully warm (one assumes) county conservatory, replete with watering can, fresh flowers in a vase and a fruit bowl!

Things I learnt/ed (I can never work out which is which) today:

1) I love pink and green together
2) Shove anything floral in front of me and I fall. Hard.
3) I'm weirded out by white interiors

And there we have it! I hope you all enjoyed visiting my future home!


  1. I love that yellow bath! It's my new life mission to get one of those babies!

  2. It looks so cozy. I was just talking about a country house with my friend the other day. We always refer to it as a Georgia house, we like to pretend that we'd be so southern. I always go for VERY pale colors. I swear I'm allergic to color. The Hamptons style is my dream home.

    Little Red Umbrellas

  3. Oh, I love that cottage photograph Tori. That yellow bath is amazing too. Sage green and blush pink are just perfect <3
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  4. I love that cottage! That is my dream house too!!
    And that yellow claw footed tub?!? *SWOON!!* I really want one but they are a bit pricey, one day though!! :) *fingers crossed*
    I love all the colors + those kitchens are amazing!!
    You have great taste Tori!! :) xo


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