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11 August 2013

No 84 Lilac Love

*As you read this I'll be pootling along somewhere to/in/from Scotland! I'm away for the month of August but shall endeavour to keep in touch (tweet/read and reply to comments) as often as I am able. Thank you for popping by and be sure to check my daily updates on instagram!*
Compulsory 'blogger' shots in front of a graffiti'd wall!
I'm aware a few of you will have already seen these, so I apologise for regurgitating them, but I just wanted to show off Lisette's handy work highlighting the outfit I 'threw' together (read: thought about for a very long time) for #VintSetFest two weeks ago. 

I've mentioned the dress before (in April - you can find the post here) although at that time I didn't think I'd ever wear it (thanks to it's tendency for being competely sheer - thank goodness for 'slips', or in my case, a H&M strappy number). I purchased it from Etsy last year, along with a couple of others I think I left at home (much MUCH larger than described on the net). It's, supposedly, a 1970's number and is made of that delightful stick-to-your-skin fabric that they seemed to completely adore back then. I partnered it with my Primark picnic-basket bag, Primark slip-on shoes (in the shops now!), standard H&M belt and my ever-lovely Crown and Glory number (similar here)!

What do you all think of my lilac overload?


  1. Still jealous of you Tori! The trip has been sounding so fun.

    Is "stick to your skin" a good thing? I keep thinking about when I spent the summer in NYC and clothes stuck to you because of the humidity. Love it though, it looks insanely comfy, which is my favorite thing.

    Plus who doesn't look great in lilac...

    Little Red Umbrellas

  2. Gorgeous dress Tori :) Hope you're having a great time
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  3. aHH I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! You look gorgeous!

  4. Lilac is not my colour, well i don't think it is.
    It would clash with my hair to much lol.

    This dress looks lovely on you.
    I hope that your having a good time on your adventureeee

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke


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