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7 August 2013

No 83 Nottingham Castle

*As you read this I'll be pootling along somewhere to/in/from Scotland! I'm away for the month of August but shall endeavour to keep in touch (tweet/read and reply to comments) as often as I am able. Thank you for popping by!* 
The view that greets you as you walk through the 'gates'
Another post in which I act as tourist (/host to my parents) in the city I live. Last weekend Moom, Dodge and I visited Nottingham Castle (whilst the boy stayed in bed. And stayed in bed. And stayed in bed). The weather was a little blowy and the sun, well, a little less sunny, but the gardens were still just as pretty as I'm sure they normally are, and the Castle just as interesting. It's a museum/art gallery on the inside, housing stories of Nottingham's history and Robin hood, as well as Greek (and other) artefacts. An eclectic mix, if you will. 

The view when looking back cross to the entrance
A pretty external shot
The oddest/most entertaining of rooms in the history of rooms in a castle
The best wish, by far, on the wishing tree
Looking out towards the university
After the visit we walked back home in preparation for my Sunday roast. After stuffing ourselves with said standard fare, the parents packed up the last of their bits and left for the journey home. The boy and I then spent the evening watching Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows Pt 1, in case you're interested). 

Oh, and looking at this beautiful sky!


  1. I love looking at other people's wishes on things like that, people are so odd! Haha lovely pictures, if I'm ever in Nottingham I shall seek this out xx

  2. Such beautiful photos Tori :) Love the wish!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  3. Lovely photos!! I love the idea of a wishing tree!! :)

  4. Ahh these pictures are beauuutiful (especially that last one of the sky!)

    Hope you're having an amazing time away! I've always wanted to visit Scotland so I'm proper jealous!


  5. Is it weird that I kept thinking that the area looks just like Minneapolis, Minnesota. The pictures are so pretty, everything is so bright and green. It looks like the beginning of spring! I bet it was cold too, yes? Omg the best!

  6. I love the "sky room" in the castle. I'd never expect to find such a fun, airy and downright quirky room there!


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