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4 August 2013

No 82 Eric on Tour 2013!

*As you read this I'll be pootling along somewhere to/in/from Scotland! I'm away for the month of August but shall endeavour to keep in touch (tweet/read and reply to comments) as often as I am able. Thank you for popping by!*

Right now the boy and I are in Scotland after weeks (haha) of preparations (ok, fine, I left everything until last minute!). We have a plan of sorts, a good handful-and-a-half of places we know we're definitely going to visit, but no real idea of where to pop to in-between. We've google-mapped a few areas - stuck ourselves in the middle of coastal roads, gone on the look out for potential parking (anyone else just randomly do that sometimes? I swear it's crazy amazing. I've just plopped myself into Six Flags St Louis, Eureka of all places!) - and I've read up a few bits and bobs about potential camp sites etc (for when we need water and other facilities, like proper showers, not just a portable one we hang from the shower rail). I've been a little nervous about weather so fingers crossed the country has met us with something other than rain!

Here's the rough plan below:

Durham-Berwick-Edinburgh-Dundee-Aberdeen-Inverness-Fort William-Oban-Glasgow-Carlisle (home)
I'll be able to get online at times when I'm away (just not to post) so if any of you want to pop any pointers down - places to visit, attractions to see - please do!

Looking forward to having new travel-tales to tell you all about when I get back!

(*A little update - we made it to Scotland on day 4, Saturday, of the trip and have today just left Dunbar for a park and ride outside Edinburgh where we will be visiting tomorrow!*)


  1. I'm glad your journey up there went okay, I hope you have an AMAZING time in Scotland and take loooads of photos to show us when you get home :) take care lovely. xo

  2. ohh love travelling!! hope you'll have a great time!!

    would you like to follow each other?

  3. This looks like an exciting journey :)
    I really hope your having a good time.
    Love all the pictures that your posting

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke


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