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23 May 2013

A trip down memory lane tale

Paleis Het Loo (thanks for the heads up on it being Het Loo, Dodge!) which we visited for our 1 year anniversary!
On Monday I finally decided that it was time to develop the disposable cameras (after having realised they were on my bedroom shelf back at home) we had taken with us on our first trip to Europe way back in 2010. I expected all the photos to be of Prague, which we visited in March that year, and celebrated the boy's 21st in, but it was nice to find out that a few more places - notably Cesky Krumlov (Cezch Republic) and Dresden (Germany) - would also be playing their part in jigging my memory and leading me down it's (bumpy) lane. 

The photos themselves look like they were taken in the 90s (hello, disposable camera 'quality') and you wouldn't believe from my rather glam outfit (another hello, this time to you black mac, and weirdly tied scarf!) that it was actually boiling in Prague - so much so that the boy suffered sunburn (that's what happens when you've been starved of sun for a good chunk of time - chairs out, shirts off!) on our very first afternoon of the visit! 

It's so nice to study each and every photo and think back to what we were doing on that day, three years ago. What would we do without cameras?!

(Oh, and I must mention - despite it's obviousness - that there came with today's brief visit of the sun unfortunate, but unavoidable, shadows. I decided, however, I'd rather have sun on my photos, with shadows, rather than no sun at all!)
Gouda and Erfurt (where on earth would I be about my boy's ridiculously good memory?!)
The unusually-coloured buildings of beautiful Dresden
Kassel and Bruge
Cesky Krunmlov and its hot-hot-heat!
Prague, it's all its glory
The Old Town Square and Charles Bridge


  1. Lovely photos!! A trip down memory lane is always a beautiful thing!! :)

    1. Isn't it just? I was more than happy to take it!! :D

  2. What lovely photos.
    You must have been over the moon when you discovered these.

    Leah x


    1. Thank you Leah! I was so happy to find them on the shelf and I'd been meaning to develop them for so long, it was nice to at last have them in my hands!! xx


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