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6 May 2013

A bank holiday tale!

Being a student and all, bank holidays aren't really as they should be (all sunbathing and picnics in the park). And today's bank holiday wasn't - for the most part. I didn't even know until around 5pm just how hot it was outside. Crazy. May always seems to bring us the best of the British weather - all blue skies, hot sunshine and the lightest of breezes (much more acceptable than the great gusts of wind I am used to from Nottingham!). Anyway, we have spent the majority of our time inside revising (urgh!) but decided a walk to our favourite area would do us some good (for, come mid-afternoon, we both had pretty horrid headaches, thus fresh air was most welcomed!). And, in the end, it wasn't all doom-and-gloom, for what could really be more bank-holiday-y than an icecream in the sun?

Waiting for the boy at the Council Building
Watching everyone have fun in the sun
The boy (really) enjoying his icecream
One of the beautiful tree (and apparently, car) lined avenues
A pretty door (I'm a sucker for them!)
The evening sun on the street below (replete with birds chirping and children shouting!)


  1. Lovely photos! Today was so beautiful.

    1. Thank you sweet! Wasn't it just?! :)

  2. Such lovely photographs!


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